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The term arcade game can refer to one of two things :

  1. A game that has an arcade version.
  2. The arcade game genre.

In this wiki, most uses of the term will refer to the arcade game genre.

Arcade Game Genre

The arcade game genre was established by early arcade games. It is distinguished by three qualities :

  1. The actual goal is to gain as many points as possible.
  2. The only way to end the game is the unfortunate doom of your character.
  3. Difficulty increases by percentage.

One example of a game that doesn't seem to be an arcade game is Donkey Kong. Surely it meets the requirement that it was a game orgiginally published in the arcade. Yet, most people would call Donkey Kong a platform game as it's based jumping and gravity.

The stated goal is to save Daisy, Jumpman's current girlfriend — but the game never ends with "You saved Daisy." It ends with Jumpman meeting his untimely fate. The fact is, no matter how many times you save Daisy, Jumpman never is able to leave the game a happy video game character. Instead, the game starts over from the first level (while keeping the current score).

Well-Known Arcade Games