Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide

Welcome to our Game Maker Beginner's Guide. The Game Maker Beginner's guide links to tutorials and other pages in the order you should read them to advance from complete noob to intermediate Game Maker developer. All tutorials are for Game Maker 7.

We recommend that you should bookmark this page. It links to several weeks worth of material and you will want to check back often as you advance. Do This Now.

Getting Started

The first thing you should do is get involved in the Game Maker Wiki Community. We've been where you are and we're always happy to help. First, Join this wiki. Secondly, introduce yourself on the forum, where you can find fast, friendly help whenever you need it.

The Basics

Before you can make games with Game Maker, you first have to Download and Install Game Maker. After you have Game Maker 7 downloaded and installed, open it and take A Quick Look Around Game Maker to get your bearings.

Step By Step Tutorials

If you are just getting started with Game Maker, you should read these tutorials in this order, step by step.

Recommended Reading

Examples to Try

All examples are for Game Maker 7 only.