Beginner Introduction

Game Maker is a game design program used to make games.

Game Maker has it's own game engine built-in that handles such things as game objects, rooms, and other common game elements so you don't have to.

All of the basic game elements of the built-in Game Maker game engine are generic. It is up to you, the "programmer" to turn these generic resources into a specific game element.

This ability makes Game Maker suitable to make any kind of 2D game.

Game Maker has the ability to make 3D games, however, you will have to pay 20 USD for the Pro version of Game Maker 7 and be an expert programmer.

Game Maker IDE

Game Maker games are made using the Game Maker IDE.

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment and includes all the tools you will need to make a game with Game Maker, except your own images, sounds, and other resources. You will need to find or create these yourself.

Here is an image of the Game Maker IDE. You should see it soon after you start Game Maker.


There are three areas of the Game Maker IDE that you will be using the most.

The top menu or the pull-down menu :


The tool-bar :


And the resource explorer :