Beginner Rooms

Rooms in Game Maker are 2D spaces that can be made into game levels.

A game can have one or more rooms. Without at least one room, a Game Maker game will not run.

Creating Rooms

To create a room right click on the Rooms folder of the resource explorer and choose Create Room.


If this is the first room you have created for your game, this will create a room named room0 and automatically open the Room Properties Window.


Renaming Rooms

room0 is not a very descriptive name for a room. You will want to change it to something easier to remember because your game is likely to have many rooms later on.

To rename a room

  • Click on the settings tab in the Room Properties Window.
  • Type in a new name, rm_level_1, for example.
  • Finally, click on the green arrow.


Tip : Don't use spaces. Use the underscore character _ instead. Spaces will make it impossible to refer to the room in code.