Data in Game Maker

Data Guide

Data is information such as a character's name, hit points, or even how much time is left.


(Main article: literal)

A literal is data in it's most basic form. There are numeric literals and string literals, depending on what kind of information you need the data to be. A numeric literal can be an integer or real number (a number with a decimal point). String literals are required to be surrounded by quotation marks.

Data Types

(Main article: data type)

There are two primary kinds of data (data types) in Game Maker - real numbers, which are used for math, and strings, which are used for character names, messages to the player or anything else that requires text to be read.

Data Structures

(Main article: data structure)

Data structures store data while your game is running.

  • Constants hold one piece of data that never changes.
  • Variables hold one piece of data that can change during game play.
  • Arrays can hold more than one piece of data and even hold them in a 2d structure.
  • Lists [pro] are like 1-D arrays but with extra functions for manipulating and saving them.
  • In addition, Game Maker has these following data structures available to Pro users : grids, queues, maps, priority queues, stacks.


(Main article: file)

Game Maker can save and load data in files.