GML Guide

GML, or Game Maker Language, is Game Maker's built-in scripting language. It is used to program more complex games that is possible with drag and drop. It can be used in the Execute Code action or be written in scripts that can be called at any time.

There is some debate whether or not GML is a real programming language. Technically, it is a scripting language, like JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP, and Perl in that it is interpreted rather than compiled.

Language Syntax

GML has a variable syntax, which is to say that it can be written in the syntax of several languages. The most common syntax used is C/C++ style syntax. Related page : Case sensitivity.


(Main article: data)

  • Data is information in your game like hit points and the name of a character. Text used for messages and names and numbers used for math are two kinds of data types. Data can be stored temporarily while your game is running in various data structures, including variables and arrays.

Program Flow