Graphics Guide

Graphics in Game Maker fall into two general categories, graphics that are drawn automatically by Game Maker and graphics features that require programming.


(Main article: drawing)

"Drawing" is the general term used to refer to various graphics features that you have to program yourself.


(Main article: text)

Even though most people do not think of text as "graphics", in Game Maker text is drawn the window just like a primitive. Text always begins as a string, so if you want to learn about manipulating text in a non-graphical sense, see that page.


Game Maker has a few built-in functions for drawing graphs :


(Main article: sprite)

Sprites can be assigned to an object, which then are drawn automatically. For drawing sprites manually, see draw_sprite()


(Main article: transparency)

Various things can be drawn transparent or semi-transparent. Most transparency functionality of Game Maker requires you to have Game Maker Pro.


(Main article: screenshot)

Screenshots, or "snapshots" of the game window can be created and saved using the pro functions : screen_save() or screen_save_part().

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