Tree Sprite Battle

Started on November 25th 2007 the objective was to draw a overhead view of a tree which is suited as background sprite with the tank sprite.


This overview shows only the winning sprite of each round.

Starter Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
tree.png u9-r1.png scproinc-r2.png to be decided

Round 1

hartnell Kake_fisk u9 linda_lee Ryan
hartnell-r1.png kake-r1.png u9-r1.png u92-r1.png u93-r1.png linda-r1.png ryan-r1.png

Result from voting

  • 3 votes for u9's first entry
  • 1 vote for Kake_fisk
  • 1 vote for linda_lee


Round 2

Starter u9 Kake_fisk hartnell scproinc
r2.png u9-r2.png kake-r2.png hartnell-r2.png scproinc-r2.png
  • 4 votes for scproinc


Round 3

Starter hartnell scproinc Kake_fisk gamejojo94
r3.png hartnell-r3.png scproinc-r3-1.png scproinc-r3-2.png kake_fisk-r3-1.png kake_fisk-r3-2.png gamejojo94-r3.png

* Voting never done